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Search Realty Reveals How to Sell a Home

June 26, 2013 - Updated: July 2, 2013

Selling a home can be a daunting task.  With all the variables involved, selling a home can quickly become an overwhelming process.  That’s where the experts come in.  Search Realty is in the business of real estate and knows what it takes to sell a home.  Search Realty isn’t simply a real estate brokerage that knows ‘what’ sells, it knows ‘how’ to sell, and is there to help home sellers prepare a home for sale and also implement the proper strategy to sell a home and get fair market value.


There are a number of variables that can aid in the sale of a home, and get a fair return in the process.  The first is obvious, and it is photos of the home.  Today, home buyers and home sellers are going online to find their home, much unlike their approach in the past.  This leads to an increased importance placed on photos of the home, not only exterior, but interior as well.


Search Realty recommends that the home seller prepare the home, both inside and out, for photographs that will appeal to those looking for a home.  This is where simplicity works best.  Search Realty advises home sellers that before they take any photos, they ensure that the home has been de-cluttered (that means outside as well) and also position furniture in such a manner as to make rooms appear larger.  Moreover, Search Realty advises home sellers not to post pictures that they have taken from their smartphone, as those can look unprofessional and can quickly turn off a home buyer (who is making a life changing purchase and will not accept anything less than professional).  Search Realty recommends that the home seller seek a professional to take staged photos, and although a cost will be accrued, these professional photographs will inevitably pay for themselves when the home is actually sold.


Next would be the marketing of a home.  Search Realty is fully aware that these days, MLS listings are not enough to sell a home online.  Yes, MLS listings are of utmost importance, but to fully push a home for sale, a significant online presence is necessary.  This is where Search Realty shines.  Search Realty understands the importance the internet plays in marketing a home for sale, and in doing so, the company has utilized the benefits of internet marketing by creating a large online presence spread throughout over 100 real estate websites.  Search Realty uses traffic to sell client homes, find home buyers for prospective home sellers and also to recruit highly skilled realtors, to service home buyers and home sellers, ensuring a thorough and fulfilling experience, all at zero fees to the home buyer.


A few other tips that Search Realty emphasizes to home sellers is the importance of setting a realistic sale price and to also have the home available to be viewed by potential home buyers, as leaving the doors closed is a sure way to lose a potential sale. 


One of the last tips is to use the right brokerage.  It is important that a home seller simply doesn’t go for the cheapest agent, as a sale of a home is a potential money maker, and the home seller has a lot of money riding on that sale.  The home seller must look for a brokerage that will provide a large online presence, knowledgeable agents, and excellent customer service.


Search Realty provides all of that and more.  And when it comes to internet marketing, Search Realty is already ahead of the game.  Search Realty guarantees that it will list a client’s home for sale on more websites than any other realty company by working with a variety of local affiliates. While newspaper ads and other online sources tend to distract buyers with unwanted listings, the company’s target-specific search brings in actual home buyers who are interested in purchasing a new home.


In addition to their online presence, Search Realty has a talented array of agents that can handle each step of the home buying or home selling process. All of the company’s agents are guaranteed to return and respond to emails and phone calls within 24 hours. This follows suite with Search Realty’s mandate, which is to ensure that all of its clients are treated with the utmost respect and cared for effectively and responsively.


Search Realty will do its part in the home selling process, but expects the home seller to be just as motivated to sell a home, as the benefits of selling a home are directly reaped by the home seller.  With Search Realty’s help, selling a home doesn’t have to be a daunting process, but rather, a satisfying and profitable one.

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