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Five Tips That Can Help Increase A Home’s Potential

October 24, 2013 - Updated: October 24, 2013

Finding a new home is an exciting experience, but one that can be nerve-wracking at the same time. Search Realty realizes that first time home buyers know exactly what they want in their first home and can become extremely particular. At the same time though, Search Realty advises those first time home buyers that unless their first home is being built from scratch, it’s nearly impossible to find everything desired.


Also, if the first time home buyer is looking for a home in a seller's market where homes are being snatched up as soon as they go on the market, the first time home buyer will quickly realize that being too choosy can actually be detrimental.


One of the most important things that a home buyer should understand is that most homes have potential, and this potential can deem certain homes a perfect fit for the home buyer. The key is to look past the hideous wallpaper, wonky light fixtures and 70s style green carpet, and understand that these things can be changed, thus the home in question could have great potential.


Search Realty lists five tips that can help increase a home's potential. These five tips revolve around five specific features of a home: Floors, Walls, Landscaping, View and Kitchen.




Carpet or floor surfaces that are old and outdated can easily be replaced, thus increasing a home’s potential. Some home buyers can discuss with a realtor and could possibly get an allowance to upgrade the carpet in their bid for the home, but usually only if in a buyer’s market.




Walls are probably the easiest feature to fix within a home. A simple can of paint and a brush can do wonders to change the look and feel of a home.




Another potential easy fix. If a home for sale doesn’t look appealing because of the landscaping, the home buyer shouldn’t simply dismiss the home, as a simple thing as planting and watering can rejuvenate the garden and lawn, making the home much more appealing. A noted plus with regards to landscaping is that the home buyer could have free reign with the design and can do it all from scratch, as landscaping, although sometimes time consuming, is an extremely easy project to tackle.




Windows can do a lot to make a view look horrible. Something as simple as dirt can blind the eyes to what is actually visible. Home buyers should be aware immediately, that if the view is not to their liking, maybe a simple window clean will do the trick to change that.




Perhaps one of the most important rooms in the house. This is the one room that every member of the household probably enters numerous times a day. Home buyers should not let outdated color schemes deter them as a fresh coat of paint can change that quickly. Another thing that can quickly spruce up the kitchen is a minor upgrade of appliances, which would do wonders for the home’s potential.


With all of those features in mind, home buyers need to be keen on not what a home appears when they go to have a look, but what a home can become, as long as they are willing to invest a little time and money. If a home’s systems are in working order and the home has everything except a few minor things, home buyers should make an offer, as features such as walls, floors, etc., can be spruced up later, in order to achieve the home’s true potential.


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